About Us:

SCMSAC’s Carer Support team aims to find culturally appropriate, nurturing and safe placements for Aboriginal children in care, and also to provide the best possible support for our carers.

Recruitment, Assessment, and Training:

Our Carer Support team is responsible for recruiting and assessing applicants who wish to be foster carers for SCMSAC.  The assessment includes a number of applicant background checks, safety inspections, and applicant interviews.  This process helps us to ensure that children and young people are being placed with foster carers who will provide them with a safe, and stable environment that is free from abuse; and where they can thrive.
As part of the assessment process, our foster care applicants are provided with preliminary foster carer training that explains what being a foster carer entails, the different types of foster carers; and what experiences can be expected as a foster carer.  Being a foster carer is not for everyone, so this initial training helps our carer applicants determine whether being a foster carer is right for them before they are fully assessed.


Being a foster carer can be extremely rewarding: but it can also be challenging, and SCMSAC aims to ensure that our carers are looked after, and feel prepared to face these challenges.  In addition to the children and young people in the placement having an allocated caseworker, the Carer Support Team provides carers with access to additional ongoing training, scheduled carer meetings, regular reviews, respite care, community activities, service referrals, 24 hour on-call service and other supports are accessible.

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SCMSAC is an approved Non Placement Support Service (NPSS) provider

SCMSAC has a pool of trained and professional Community Support Officers available to support and provide services for children and young people in OOHC and their family. Our services are culturally appropriate.

Our workers are sensitive to the needs of Aboriginal children and young people and their families. SCMSAC Community Officers are supervised by the Community Support Services Manager.

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