Therapeutic Services

Reparative Parenting Program

The Reparative Parenting Program was developed by the Alternate Care Clinic at Westmead Children’s Hospital. The program is available for authorised SCMSAC Foster Carers and addresses unique issues that can arise in relation to parenting children and young people in care.

The program addresses the impact of complex trauma on childhood development and how this in turn impacts on childhood behaviour. The focus of the program aims to repair the effects of trauma. Additionally, participants have the opportunity for peer support where meeting with other Foster Carers experiencing similar issues provides emotional and practical support.

The program consists of 9 sessions and stops during school holidays.

Enrollment in the program is offered via referral from SCMSAC OOHC Caseworkers or the carer support team.

Therapeutic support for Children & Young People

Counseling is available for children and young people in SCMSAC OOHC program to assist with trauma related issues, life story work, grief and loss, learning, mental health, attachment and emotional concerns.

Psychological assessments are available including cognitive assessments, emotional and mental health assessments, literacy assessment and behaviour assessments.

Support is provided for children, young people and their carers to develop Behaviour Management Plans (BMP). BMP’s address behaviours, which require restricted practices such as the use of psychotropic medications e.g. medications for ADHD, anxiety or depression. BMP’s outline identified responses to challenging behaviours aimed to reduce the frequency, duration and severity of the behaviours whilst increasing desired behaviours.

Animal Assisted Therapy Program

Children and young people in OOHC can sometimes require additional support to develop emotion regulation skills, social skills and empathy. Animal Assisted Therapy has been shown to foster development of these skills whilst providing an opportunity for a positive learning experience.

Our group therapy program takes place on a Therapeutic farm where the children and young people have an opportunity to care for, interact with and observe farm animals. The animals on the farm include horses, goats, llamas, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, poultry guard dogs and beef cattle. Children learn how to regulate their own behaviour to meet the needs of the animals, learn to recognise the mood and emotional state of animals, and gain an understanding of how farms run, land sustainability and caring for animals.

During therapy children and young people are supported by OOHC Caseworkers, a Provisional Psychologist and the farm owner/mentor.



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