Psychologist, Social Worker, and Mentors


Our Psychologist, Social Worker and Mentors provide support for our clients, children and young people in a number of ways, including:

  • Reparative Parenting Program for kinship and foster carers
  • Shared Stories and Shared Lives training for kinship and foster carers
  • Biopsychosocial assessments and support
  • Carer assessment and training
  • Individual counselling and support relating to mental health disorders and/or symptoms e.g. adjustment, anxiety, grief and loss, depression, trauma or parenting a child with mental health symptoms.
  • Facilitating Carer training meetings
  • Critical case reviews and specialist recommendations
  • Education support including cognitive and academic achievement assessments, classroom behaviour assessment and recommendations, school readiness assessments and individual learning support plans
  • Mental health assessments, supports, and referrals
  • DRUMBEAT program – This is a 10-week drumming program developed by Holyoake. The program can be provided for people from a variety of groups including adolescents, children, adults, carers and parents, participants with a disability
  • Farming for Calm program – This program is a 10-week program for primary school-aged children in out of home care. Six children attend a therapeutic farm in Berry for three hours each week with the goal of healing difficulties children may have relating to trauma, social skills, emotion and behaviour regulation, and empathy. The program is a multisensory program where participants engage in farm-based activities, art therapy practices, cultural support and animal interactions such as grooming horses, cuddling baby chickens and goats
  • School holiday program for children and young people in out of home care
  • Behaviour assessment and Individual Behaviour Support Plans
  • Psychological assessment and report
  • Individual mentoring for children and young people
  • Leaving care and independent living program for young people aged 15-18 years and over who are transitioning from OOHC into more independent living arrangements
  • Individual support for participants with a disability and their carers
  • Funding and grant application to support internal SCMSAC programs

The referral procedure is conducted internally where SCMSAC staff identify a need and place a referral through to the Child, Family & Disability PS&D team. We will respond to a referral within a week and have a waitlist for participants and clients we cannot provide immediate support to. For those who we cannot provide immediate support for those who have an urgent need for services, we will provide external referral recommendations.