Parents and Carers Workshop

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@ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Jane Ardler Centre
51-53 Berry St Nowra
Cheryl or Stacey
(02) 4448 0200 / option #2
Parents and Carers Workshop @ Jane Ardler Centre

Black Box Parenting is a supportive and interactive parenting program that talks about the usual things like setting rules and how to manage behaviour, but it also talks about how some things make it hard to parent. It is uses group discussion to share experiences and ideas. The Black Box format gives insight into how things from the past might be affecting your parenting without having to go into detail about what actually happened.

Sessions are every TWO weeks. On the week in between we will catch up with you by phone to check how things are going.


The group is entirely free and morning tea is provided.





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