Needle & Syringe Program

The South Coast Medical Service Aboriginal Corporation is pleased to advise that we now have a fully operational Needle Syringe program for our clients and the community.

Following ongoing consultation between First Step and the HARP harm minimisation team, South Coast AMS is now equipped to provide an outreach NSP service by our trained staff. This includes outreach to the Shoalhaven region, an internal supply cupboard in the waiting room of the Jane Ardler Centre and in addition, a sharps bin and automatic dispensing machine – recently installed on the exterior of the building.

Internal NSP Exchange Cupboard inside the Jane Ardler Centre.

Shoalhaven is well known for it’s secondary national service provider’s (NSP) such as Community Health, Community Drug and Alcohol, as well as the hospital’s emergency department.

South Coast AMS are committed to helping provide these services to meet a growing need of access to NSP and to address out clients needs. We look forward to our ongoing partnership with HARP and First Step.

Automatic Dispensing Machine and Sharps Disposable Bin on the North-Eastern external of the Jane Ardler Centre