Braving the Cravings together

For over 40 years we have been providing health and wellbeing services to our people and we understand tobacco use's impact in our communities.

We encourage everyone to make a commitment to quit smoking or lend your support to someone who is trying to quit. There are many resources available to help with quitting smoking, including counselling, medication, and support groups. Our organisation is here for you if you are ready to quit. Let’s brave the cravings together so we can be smoke-free, healthy, and deadly!

Useful Links

SMOKEFREE.GOV is intended to help you or someone you care about quit smoking. Different people need different resources as they try to quit smoking cigarettes. The information and professional assistance available on this website can help to support both your immediate and long-term needs as you become, and remain, a non-smoker.


iCanQuit has been developed by the Cancer Institute NSW in consultation with a wide range of stakeholders and users. It offers a helpful online resource for smokers who are about to quit smoking, are attempting to quit smoking or need some extra motivation to stay quit for good.



No Smokes is about changing that. No Smokes is an innovative anti-smoking initiative that uses videos, animations, music, games and other fun stuff to help young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders quit smoking. Youth friendly anti-smoking tools feature Aboriginal faces and speak to young Aboriginal audiences.


My QuitBuddy is an app personalised to help you quit smoking, on your terms. My QuitBuddy is available free for download.



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